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  Entrance Doors

A front door system can make or break the appearance of your home. With hundreds of glass designs, finishes and styles, we can give your home a lasting first impression.  Our steel and fiberglass doors are available with options; black or mill finish sills, black, satin nickel, brass hinges, compression, magnetic or both, weather stripping, custom paint and colors. Our steel doors are heavy gauge steel, both fiberglass and steel doors come standard with extra strength lock blocks and hinge re enforcements. Re-enforced thermally broken sills. A door usually is opened, closed and banged in to, many times during the day, choose a door that will last a lifetime.  All our doors are Canadian built, made for our Canadian weather.  Also available with retractable screens. 

entrance doors
front doors

Not sure what door is right for you? From steel to fiberglass to wood doors, our comparison section will shed some light on what door is right for you.


They will not dent, have crisp details and can easily replicate different wood textures or smooth surfaces. Fiberglass doors need little maintenance and are very secure and more affordable than wood doors.

  • Little maintenance required

  • Crisp and rich details

  • Excellent efficiency 

  • Moderately expensive         

  • Fiberglass is the most secure


The most economical choice. Steel doors come with many styles and options, These doors are very secure, experiencing very little expansion from temperature changes and little to no maintenances.

  • No maintenance required

  • Simplistic and economical

  • High energy efficiency

  • High in strength

  • Most economical

  • Steel is very secure


With endless designs and detailoptions. Wood doors are a perfect choice for strength and elegance. Timeless appearance with furniture quality finishes. While expensive, wood is refined, high end and very strong

  • Some maintenance required

  • Elegant and refined

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Very good strength

  • Very Expensive

  • Secure based on thickness

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