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Caught on Camera, homeowners robbed of energy dollars.

A while ago, I was at a home in Welland, a beautiful old home built in the 50's. I was there to inspect and estimate new windows and doors. It was a fairly cold, rainy day, As I went through the home, the cold drafts coming in around and through the windows were significant. The furnace was running the whole time I was there. So, I grabbed my trusty thermal camera, I pulled it out like an old Smith and Wesson 6 gun and started shooting the windows. (No, I don't have a holster for my camera, but I may get one) These old windows were robbing the homeowners of quite a bit of heating dollars. This was a crime scene.

I found incredible heat loss. We decided to go with high efficiency Northstar windows with black exterior and white interior. Full frame removal, our advanced installation system and new interior trims and jambs to match the decor of the home.

Well, 4 weeks later, me and my posse, arrived at the home and installed the energy saving windows. 3 days later we finished up and I pulled out my trusty camera again, still no holster. Guess what, Night and day improvement.

The heating bills will be reduced dramatically, and interior comfort levels will increase 100%. Sound transmissions will decrease, no more black mold or condensation on the interior. This a now a health smart green efficient home.

Look out old drafty homes, there's a new sheriff in town.

I guarantee the warmest windows and doors.


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