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The Most Efficient Window/Door Installation

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Not all guys install windows using the same method. A few will cut corners, most will do an acceptable job and a small handful will install your new window or door to the highest standards.

I recommend full frame removal, or brick to brick. This involves going back to the rough stud opening and starting with a clean slate. With this install type it eliminates all chances of air leaks, water and reduces sound transmissions. It also keeps the glass area the same size or larger.

Inside trim/casing is removed carefully as not to damage existing drywall. On the exterior brickmould is removed, Then the nails or screws which are keeping the window in, are cut and just like that most windows are ready to take out.

The opening is cleaned up, vacuumed, checked for plum and level and of course water damage or rot.

The new window is ready to install. Most new windows will have the jambs already installed and if allowed new brickmould.

The window is levelled and fastened in place, operation and checking the weather seals is next.

Now the insulation is injected around the frame towards the exterior. We allow the foam to cure before injecting one more layer of foam insulation.

The next step is to install a draft barrier tape. This seals the jamb to the drywall, stops all drafts, including interior drafts. This happens when from the lower level in your home, drafts travel up following the vapor barrier behind the drywall and exits around the window. It's not a draft from the outside but can be concerning none the less.

Next the interior casing/trim. This window we installed 3"casing and a windowsill to give a welcome home look. The exterior is sealed and you are ready for whatever mother nature wants to throw at you.

My windows and doors are insulated two times, inside and outside with draft barrier tape.

This is 70% more than most competitors. I guarantee the warmest windows and doors.

Do your homework Not all windows are installed the same...

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