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Sub Contractors: The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

So you just signed with a large window company to install new windows in your home.

The salesperson showed you photos of some the work they have done, and it looked good.

Most large companies have a few window installation crews installing for them.

These crews get paid by what they install. The more they install the more they earn.

These crews are not salary, they are paid piece work.

Now today most of the window companies who have subs, want the subs to provide the aluminum coil, caulking, foam insulation, screws, shims and pay for the dumping of the old windows, Subs should have WSIB and carry their own Liability Insurance.

Basically the materials needed to install and finish your windows comes out of the Subs pocket, Do you think the subs are going to use as little foam insulation, caulking, shims as possible, You Bet. Are they going to double check that window for operation or amount of insulation injected the framed. Hell No. Time is money. So you think you are paying top dollar for an installation that the salesperson told you was top notch. On a good day you are probably getting a mediocre, maybe average. install Could your new windows and doors be installed better and more energy efficient, Of Course.

Now with the larger companies having 2 or more installation crews, which one is going to install your windows? The better crew or the other one? You will always be told you are going to get the company's best crew, how do you know? You don't, until it's too late.

I never use subs, every window and door is installed by me or I am on the job and will double check the install. Remember a high quality window isn't high quality if it isn't installed correctly. A window is only as good as the installation.

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